April 03, 2012

Weekend at Chikmagalur

We went on a short 3 day trip to Chikmagalur on the last day of Adi's school with the only objective being to spend time with each other before KG travelled to Korea on a month long (may end up being longer) work assignment. Having heard so much about Serai from our friends we decided to stay there and see what the fuss was all about. After a five and half drive from Bangalore (one hour of which was spent trying to get through the crazy Bangalore traffic), we reached Serai and Adi's first reaction when he saw our cottage and the private pool was - 'totally awesome!!! let's spend my entire holiday here!' :D We had to very patiently explain to him that each day there costed money and we couldn't possible afford to spend more than 2 days there! Over the next two days, he did try his best to change our mind though!! :) Within 5 minutes of being in the cottage, Adi had his clothes off and wanted to go for a swim!

Adi had a great time at the Serai swimming (although I am beginning to think that he loves sunbathing more than swimming as he spends more time out than in), playing chess, carrom, billiards, tennis, table tennis and air hockey. Adi and I went on a nature walk one morning and he enjoyed picking up figs, mangoes, pepper, coffee beans and various other things that he found in the path. AND his favourite -  the shower and the bath tub in the cottage - he absolutely loved them and had hour long baths alternating between the two :) We had a great time together and this was the perfect start to the holidays. And to think that we almost cancelled the trip as Adi was down with viral fever and rashes the day before. However we took a chance and even let him swim with the fever and rash (terrible parents we are, I say!). As expected the fever just disappeared making the trip worth it :)

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