December 17, 2013


Yeah, we like to take a lot of selfies and here's the proof! All from this year :)

Just pretending to cry!

 photo IMG_3485_zps4076cb3f.jpg

Yeah!! I still carry this 8 year old boy around!!

 photo IMG_2705_zpsb65813e9.jpg


 photo IMG_3484_zps50e10b36.jpg

Pretending to bite my finger :)

 photo IMG_3431_zpsad703124.jpg

 photo IMG_3430_zps705ad8dc.jpg

In the sunshine!

 photo IMG_3190_zps19d0b6ab.jpg


 photo IMG_2707_zps2452d2af.jpg

More cuddles

 photo IMG_2837_zps9b814176.jpg

 photo IMG_2718_zps69438f47.jpg

Waiting for the school bus

 photo IMG_4356_zps0719d9be.jpg

We are like that only!

 photo IMG_4382_zpsbcdc912e.jpg

 photo IMG_4383_zps72f51029.jpg

 photo IMG_5916_zps67b12ec7.jpg

And this one was taken just a week back but a professional camera guy

 photo IMG_6688_zps27bb0bb0.jpg

Pics Through The Year

I like to take pictures on my iPhone - when I have nothing better to do :P So here are some pics taken through the year (all thanks to the recent copy of pictures from photo - laptop)

Hiding coz I am not wearing something!

 photo IMG_2780_zpsfa86428f.jpg

Wearing my batman nightsuit, I have grown out of it now though :(

 photo IMG_2852_zpsbd5b98c3.jpg

How I like to travel

 photo IMG_2900_zps5477c2aa.jpg

One of my favorite things!

 photo IMG_2987_zps44c4848d.jpg

Lost to the world while watching telly :)

 photo IMG_3086_zpsb3cfbda9.jpg

With my sister Ridhi

 photo IMG_3098_zps762fe904.jpg

Ice candy effect

 photo IMG_3102_zps44e0bd5b.jpg

Short term dream of being a cricketer

 photo IMG_3144_zps2164f67b.jpg

Yenna Rascala!

 photo IMG_3167_zps8d683028.jpg

I love my spikes

 photo IMG_3185_zpsadac85cc.jpg

Mama making me pose!

 photo IMG_3251_zps2c9e173c.jpg

One more!

 photo IMG_3256_zps15925f43.jpg

And one more - to get the lighting right!

 photo IMG_3283_zps6962e058.jpg

Love the movies!

 photo IMG_3398_zps24196ff5.jpg

My favorite food - sushi. The chef at Like That Only even showed me how to make it.

 photo photo24_zpsf1c10092.jpg

Nothing is too heavy for me!

 photo IMG_3721_zps5ac1d099.jpg

Enjoying the rain

 photo IMG_3786_zpse695277e.jpg

Ice cream!!

 photo IMG_4203_zps33102f3a.jpg

Another favorite - idly sambar!

 photo IMG_4838_zps661b678d.jpg

Which I ate in style!

 photo IMG_4839_zps1f9a6ac0.jpg

Who can say no to a doughnut??

 photo IMG_4889_zps0ed51248.jpg

Trying Mama's camera

 photo A92A7205_zps8d0e5bf9.jpg

The zoom works ok!

 photo A92A7211_zps2c84691b.jpg

I always sleep when my parents party!!

 photo IMG_6058_zps29944173.jpg

December 16, 2013

Look What Mama Got!

Saw "mini orange" listed in my online grocery shop and I right away knew that kiddo would be excited and ordered for it. It only takes these small little things to take kiddo to a state of "Full happiness only"! :)

 photo _MG_0076_zpsfa4f5194.jpg

 photo _MG_0078_zpsd3abe93c.jpg

 photo _MG_0083_zpsa9ef8375.jpg

 photo _MG_0084_zps7f3b2c9f.jpg

 photo _MG_0080_zps405add19.jpg

Out of retirement

Both me and my camera!!! My camera has remained untouched for a while now and I just felt like taking a few pictures today as I was seeing Adi off to school...

Off to school..

 photo _MG_0045_zps978b0eca.jpg

Ninja waiting for the school bus

 photo _MG_0053_zpsf6045a44.jpg

Monday blues!!

 photo _MG_0058_zps79c38606.jpg

Darling Windy who always accompanies us to the bus stop

 photo _MG_0059_zps9557075c.jpg

Shoes! Just like that!

 photo _MG_0071_zpsf3e645da.jpg

School logo

 photo _MG_0072_zps3e83091c.jpg

July 05, 2013

A song for my boy

Mark Knopfler - what can I say?? I just hope that someday my boy will be as mesmerized by his voice and songs as I have been for so many years. Until then, here's a song for my boy - yes, by dear Mark :)

June 12, 2013


we did, last Sunday! Adi loves adventure sports and we try and get him to try different kind of sports whenever possible. Last Sunday, we were planning to go karting but then changed plan last minute and ended up at Play on Sarjapur Road. We've been here a few times during the last year and although the place is not fully open, there are lots of activities that are functional. Adi had tried archery, shooting, skateboarding, rock climbing during previous visits however was always disappointed that the dirt biking track was not ready. So we decided to check this time and much to the kids delight, it was very much operational and also had a kids track with a 50cc quad bike!!

No time was wasted in getting on the bike and checking the controls!

 photo IMG_4293_zpsdcaac943.jpg

Happiness overload!

 photo IMG_4294_zps3c23b0f8.jpg

Checking out the 200cc quad bike

 photo IMG_4303_zpscdae5d39.jpg

And we want to ride one with a supervisor!

 photo IMG_4305_zpsbcc963dc.jpg

Dirt biking!!

 photo IMG_4307_zps7bf77d16.jpg

More happiness :)

 photo IMG_4314_zps61d09619.jpg

Ziplining in tandem with Papa (first time!!)

 photo IMG_4321_zps523dab2a.jpg

Off we go

 photo IMG_4323_zps4915b0d8.jpg

Kid just had one word to say - awesome!! Followed by another try :)

 photo IMG_4324_zpsfc7f770c.jpg

Rock climbing - made it to the top with a lil "pull" by the attendent ;)

 photo IMG_4327_zpsdf7474e7.jpg

Skateboarding - ya, ya we are good at this too, just not enough practice time to become an expert!

 photo IMG_4333_zps809764b7.jpg

Shooting - competing with Papa to hit the bulls eye

 photo IMG_4337_zpse588b419.jpg

A very PLAYful day for the Brat!!