April 03, 2012

Day 1 and 2 of Summer Camp

Adi has been attending summer camp in his school since yesterday. This is the first time he is travelling by school bus (which thankfully comes almost close to our doorstep!) and considering that either his Dad or me have always dropped him and picked him up from school or his classes, I was wondering if he would be ok to travel by school bus. But he had absolutely no problems and was actually quite excited to be travelling by bus (thanks to the couple of trips he had made by school bus from the Koramangala pre-school to the main school). I guess this will also prep him for the travel time when he starts the next school year.

He seems to have enjoyed himself the last two days and talks non-stop when he gets back telling me about his day. Sharing some interesting tidbits -

Day 1:
Me - How did it go today?
Adi - No tennis class, only chess
Me - How was it?
Adi - I beat 99 students in chess and Sir gave me two stickers
Me - Did you get to eat anything?
Adi - Yes, yummy sandwich and 2 full glasses of chocolate milk. I liked it so much I was the first to finish.

Day 2:
Me - How was today? Did you have tennis?
Adi - Yes. I was the captain for the boys team and a 10 year girl was the captain for the girls team. They got much more points than us. But then I hit the last shot so hard that the ball went through the racquets of the all the girls (making a hole in the racquets), hit an electric wire and turned into ash. It was awesome and we got 100 points and won the match. All the girls are going to get new racquets tomorrow. Sir gave me a  chocolate for the awesome shot.
Me - Really? You did that?
Adi - Yes. It was totally awesome! (followed by some sound effects of how the ball flew)
Me - Hmm. Did you have chess as well?
Adi - Yes, today I beat 100 students.
Me - Well done! What did you have for snacks?
Adi - Boring! Same sandwich as old school. I had the home snacks!
Me - Did you have a good time?
Adi - Totally :)

What an imagination and what fun to be a kid. When KG heard the tennis story and the ball turning into ash, he said 'it happens only in cartoons'. Adi was bugged and said that he was telling the truth and then I had to tell him that I totally believed him to calm him down :) Now, am looking forward to tomorrow's story :)

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