April 29, 2012

Sunday Breakfast

Was feeling extremely lazy today and wanted to make something simply and easy for breakfast. Asked Adi if he wanted to help and he was eager to as long as it was something from his own cook book. I had french toasts in mind (easy to make and delish to taste) and kept my fingers crossed that his cook book would have a recipe on frech toast too. Opened the book with a silent prayer and voila! my prayer was answered!! Adi seemed to like the picture and the no of ingredients involved and so we set off to make some french toasts. 

I let Adi break the eggs this time and he did it quite well (which means without making a mess!!) and he did his usual bits of adding, whisking, cutting etc and I did my usual bit of frying. The toasts came out tasty and Adi loved it too!

Once we were done with the cooking, we had a pretend "MasterChef" session. Adi was the judge and I was the participant. I had to take the toasts and give it to him to taste - and he tasted it just like how the judges do it in MC and asked me to describe the cooking process!! Then we had to pretend it was night time, sleep and wake up next morning ready for the next session where the winner would be declared. After all this, he said Hayden was the winner (and not me!!) and that he would go and cook in Hayden's house! 

I've been hearing that there's a MasterChef Junior program going to be aired soon. I am sure Adi is going to love it and I cant wait for it to start.

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