April 02, 2012

Study Time with Papa

This post is a little late as Adi is already done with his UKG final assessment (new name for examination?) but wanted to share the pictures of him preparing for his assessment along with his Papa. For both his mid-term and his final assessments, we just went through his portions for 10-30 minutes a day before the test - just to check if he knows what needs to be done and if he needs help anywhere. Most of the times, he knew everything (surprise, surprise!) and only a little help was needed. Guess he was learning something in school after all and not just fooling around :) Although his portions are very simple and easy, I do feel proud when he does something right and even though I feel that the grades in the report card may not be the absolute truth, I was extremely proud and happy when Adi scored A+ in all subjects/categories except 'cutting', in which he got an A. As my brother rightly said, its surprising that he even managed to get an A in cutting and that he even had the patience to do it!! So, an eventful year at the Koramangala Pre-School centre comes to an end and I must say that I have been very happy with the school. Hope the good run continues in the main school as well. Insha Allah!

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