February 01, 2012

Bubble Gum

When Adi first asked to have a bubble gum (when he was around 4.5 - 5 probably), we did think for a bit if we should give it to him or not. What if he swallowed it, what if it got stuck in his throat, what if he got addicted to it, is it really good for kids to chew gum? But then, like with most other things, we thought it was probably just a phase when he was curious about everything and we should let him have a try. Who knows - maybe he wont like it at all and not ask for another one. So we explained to him what it was, that it should be thrown in a bin, blah blah and let him have a try. He liked it, wanted more and wanted to blow a bubble too! We gave him his bubblegums whenever he wanted it coz he would never chew it for more than 10 mins and always threw it away. But his tries at blowing a bubble was not proving successful and one day he was quite upset. So I showed how it is done and told him that with practice he will get it. The very next day, the first thing he wanted in the morning was a bubblegum. He got it after breakfast and then with serious determination and persistance he set about 'practicing' to blow bubbles. He practiced all day (with several gums) and by the end of the day he was able to blow tiny bubbles and was delirious with joy!! This is has been one instance where we have seen him persist with something he wanted, wish we saw the same when it came to reading too...ha ha!

Adi still likes to have gum once in a while, we still give it to him and no, he has not swallowed any so far!

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Aparna said...

Lovely captures Poornima, and Well done Adi :).

Did you have to follow him around with the camera to get it at that exact moment ;) !