February 08, 2012

Pizza for Dinner

A couple of weekends back, we had visited our friends for lunch and they made home made pizzas for all of us. It was a big hit with the adults as well as the kids. Although Adi was never quite fond of pizzas (he is a pasta fan), he had two slices and also said it was very 'yummmmy'. Since then, I've been meaning to make it at home again and along with Adi. So today was the day and Adi was all set to make his first pizza. I gave him all the ingredients and he chopped them very neatly (I gave him a not very sharp knife). I made some tomato sauce and also grated the cheese (as the grater is quite sharp for Adi to use). We broke up for a quick shower and then Adi was back to the kitchen and layered the pizza with the sauce, veggies, cheese and basil leaves and it was all set to go into the grill - which was my part. 10 minutes and the pizza was ready to eat!

Adi had fun and while I am writing, is enjoying his pizza dinner. While Adi is happy about the cooking, I am happy that it kept him away from the TV! I guess we'll be doing this more often now.


Aparna said...

Looks yumm Poornima :) and your pics are lovely as usual!
Basil is an interesting addition for me, will surely try the next time!

poornima said...

Basil is Adi's favorite herb...even eats it just like that :)