August 25, 2011

scooter ride

In the good old days before we bought our first car, KG and I owned a scooter. Yes, a scooter and not a bike like everyone else. The only reason being that we could keep our shopping in the space at the front whereas in a bike I would have to carry it (that's how lazy I am!!) - also I could hold on to my darling rather than tons of plastic bags ;)

We have had quite a few romantic drives on the scooter (often we were the only 'two wheelers' on the road while it rained heavily!) and have lots and lots of happy memories associated with it. Even after we bought our car, we preferred to go to work along with our buddy. It was only after we shifted to Koramangala to our new home, we finally stopped using our dear scooter and opted for our car - only because of the non-existant road from our home to the main road and also the Koramangala 80 ft road was then more of potholes (and very deep ones at that) rather than tar. However, we never sold our  companion and it stayed in our basement - unused and gathering dust.

After nearly 6 years - our old friend is having a fresh lease of life again - probably a better one. Couple of months back KG told Adi about the scooter and that it was in the basement. Adi immediately wanted to go on a ride - but of course, the scooter wouldn't start. We soon got it repaired and there it was all set to go. Now, its the kids in the building who are having a blast with it. Either KG or Deepak (our driver) take the kids on a ride and it feels fantastic to see them having a good time and even more fantastic to see the scooter back on the road again. I hope it lives long enough to take Adi and his girlfriend on a ride someday :)


Simran said...

Adi and his gf , that wud be so cute to see :) I love the last shot so much!!

Tej said...

Superb piece Poorni Akka...So romanticccccccc....You should give a shot at writing a book, you are great with words, as with the photos :)