August 08, 2011

Bus to Malpe

This weekend Adi and I travelled to Malpe by the overnight sleeper bus. Travelling with Adi is something I do not need to worry about at all as he is over excited most of the times and enjoys every aspect of travelling - checking in, security check (always asks the security to check him completely) and shopping (without fail!) at the airport, the train ride and the train food (after his dad!!), the games that we play during our long car drives and now we were travelling by bus after a very long time. The first thing that fascinated Adi was that the bus didn't have a toilet! And just to worry me - he made sure he had lots of water before he went to sleep!!! Adi was hyper even before we boarded the bus and thankfully during both the journeys we were the first ones in the bus - which meant Adi had the entire bus to himself to play and explore! He slept in one of the upper births, the last birth, sat in a few chairs, played some his imaginary adventure games, ran end to end and, hurt his elbow, looked out the window for a long time, played with the toys that he had packed, asked 28 questions and then slept like a log! :)


Aparna said...

Wow Poornima - you travelled with Adi on your own - I have never felt adventurous enough to attempt that for sure :). Sounds like fun - is that a pic from the bus - looks quite comfy !!

poornima said...

Aparna - yes, thats inside the bus. It has bunk beds (both double and single) and also single seats. Its comfortable only if you get the lower seats and the ones in front. Otherwise you are rolling most of the time :) The kids sleep well though :)