August 13, 2011

Raksha Bandhan

Every year Adi gets a 'Rakhi' from his adorable and lovely sisters and he wears them very proudly. When we were in England, he would even tell his school teachers and classmates what it was and who sent it to him. Since we were at Malpe last weekend, his youngest sister Ridhi tied a Rakhi and there was love all around and hugs and kisses exchanged - although Adi was embarrassed by the kiss!! :) Rest of his sisters who dont stay close to him, sent him the Rakhi by the good old postal system (yes, it still exists!) and now they are all sitting proudly on their brother's wrist :). Amidst all the rakhis, there is also a 'friendship band' given by his dearest friend Shloka :) I hope Adi always has the love and blessings of his sisters and friends and their bond only increases with time. I have always treasured my relationships (my family and friends mean the world to me) and I hope Adi nurtures and treasures them too.

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Aparna said...

Aww the hug is so cute :).
My experience has been that family ties especially staying in different cities have got looser with each generation - so it's great if you can hold on to them and stay strong!!