August 24, 2011

My personal model

I have promised myself that I will take a few pictures everyday and improve on my photography. I have lots of time on my hands so might as well use it fully. And what better subject than my kiddo. Its very tough to get him to pose but when he does he's the loveliest model. Here are the shots from today - still far from perfect but I seem to like overexposed and blurry shots!


Simran said...

Beautiful shots! And the model is awesome :) Tell me what lens did you use here? The 18 to 55mm? And which mode. Plz Plz share details!

poornima said...

Simran - I used my 18-200 mm lens in manual and aperture mode. The ones on the easy chair are in aperture mode and the other two are manual. All are at ISO 400 (I very rarely change the ISO).