September 07, 2011

Back in Action

On 24th and 25th August two very significant events occurred - Steve Jobs resigned as the CEO of Apple and my MacBook Pro crashed! I am certain that both the event have no relation to each other nevertheless both were absolutely devastating to me. Although Steve will not be back at Apple anymore, my baby, my MacBook came back to me after spending more than a week at the MAC service centre. I have not been able to blog all this while, but am back in action now :) So much has happened in the last 10 days - Adi participated in his first inter school race, we went on a road trip to Malpe (yet again!), celebrated Ganesh Chaturthi and most importantly Adi turned 6 and I turned tztztzzzissss (ooops, sorry lost signal for a bit there!!). So there's gonna be lots of updates - I promise! :)

1 comment:

Aparna said...

Was wondering where you had gone missing :) Welcome Back !