September 21, 2011

Potion Time

Brat made a potion to get rid of my "pretend" headache today. I think it contained the following ingredients -
1. Orange juice
2. Water
3. 1 tsp Dal (which was made for lunch)
4. A curry leaf from the dal (which kiddo said he licked clean before he put it in)
5. Salt
6. Sugar
7. 3 Tic tacs
8. God knows what else
9. Milk - thankfully we had run out of Milk and hence was not added

Kiddo wanted me to drink the whole lot but it just was not possible. A couple of sips and I very promptly told the kiddo that my headache's gone away!! :D

1 comment:

Chakri said...

Great potion to remember when Ayaan has pretend headaches to miss school!! HAHAHA