January 10, 2012

First Recipe

Yes, my little "cooker", as he likes to call himself, wrote his first recipe yesterday. While I was having a little nap in the afternoon, I could hear Adi and his friend cooking up something in the kitchen. It's something they do quite often so I just let them be and carried on napping. In a short while, Adi came in with my shopping list pad and asked me to give him a sheet of paper. Very sleepily, I took one off and quickly sent him out to continue with his cooking. When I was through with my nap, I saw the two kids in the kitchen with the sugar, salt, juice containers around them and 9 ferrero rocher chocolates all smashed up and mixed with various ingredients! And then I saw this sheet of paper lying on the mat and saw that Adi had written the ingredients for what he was making - something that he has seen me do often when I take a recipe from the internet. He said that he left out chocolate coz he couldn't spell it and also illustrated the mixing part coz he didn't want to write it. I saw this bit of paper and the wasted ferrero rocher's were completely forgiven!! :)

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