January 05, 2012

Drums It Is

Almost three years after the Brat expressed a desire to learn to play drums, he finally began class yesterday. Although I have always wanted him to learn to play a musical instrument, I wanted the instrument to be of his own choice and not his parents. And I must say, for the three years straight the Brat has been wanting to learn only drums and nothing else. No piano, no keyboard, no guitar - just the instrument which would probably drive his parents and neighbors crazy would do!! Anyways, looking for drum classes around Koramangala had been in my mind and I even enquired in a couple of places. But I either did not like the place or the teacher said he needed to be at least 8 years old before he could start. I wasn't desperate for him to start learning either and figured he will learn in his school if he wanted to.

So, that's were the drum class thoughts were at when last month I was driving through Koramangala and I happened to see this new music school called Taaqademy. I made a note of the number and gave them a buzz. First good news - they taught drums, second good news - they would take 6 year olds! Quickly checked them up with Mr. Google and found out that the school was run by the Bangalore based rock band Thermal and a Quarter and the band members themselves were the instructors. I went and checked the place, liked it and soon as the new year began went and enrolled Adi. Adi was super excited and very diligently listened to his instructor Rajeev throughout the class. I found Rajeev to be very friendly and sensitive to the needs of a young child - which I dont find in many teachers in Bangalore. Happy Mom I was and Happy Child Adi was :) Lets see how far this goes. Not sure if this is the beginning of a long journey for Adi or just a temporary phase. For the moment, he is happy and to me that is all that matters.

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