May 07, 2013

Destiny Farm Ooty - April 2013

We wanted to head out somewhere during the summer holidays - with friends, somewhere close, for a short stay - preferably a resort where we could relax (or rather where the frequently travelling and slogging Dad could relax) and also get the kid to try new things. Had read about Destiny Farm in a FB group, checked it out, liked it, decided on a date, sent details to friends, friends agreed, booked and soon it was time to head there for 4 fun filled days - three families, 6 adults and 4 kids (all boys!!) - all together in a tempo traveller. So here's another picture post on the Destiny Farm holiday..

The tempo traveller - our vehicle for the looooonnnng trip...yes, took us all of 12 hours to get to Destiny Farm! And we expected around 8! Well, we did break for breakfast, lunch and an emergency hospital visit which thankfully was a false alarm!!

 photo _MG_1117_zps87f06619.jpg

The beautiful view from our rooms. We had rooms next to each other and this big balcony all to ourselves - we used it to the fullest!!

 photo IMG_1138_zps9a9482de.jpg

Thats me admiring the view from the restaurant

 photo _MG_1223_zps248cfa63.jpg

We could fish in a small pond inside the resort. Our Dads were around to help us

 photo _MG_1342_zps70fa75c8.jpg

Patiently waiting for the fish to bite!

 photo _MG_1353_zps14909b39.jpg

Yayy! We caught one!!

 photo _MG_1385_zpse45f04f9.jpg

And here it is!! We threw it back into the pond while it was still alive..

 photo _MG_1427_zps23e4e754.jpg

Play areas - who's says we are too old for it now!

 photo _MG_1527_zps531f3bed.jpg

That's my favorite position!!

 photo _MG_1544_zpsf46c3675.jpg

We played cricket on the balcony

 photo _MG_1595_zpsc9bb5a79.jpg

Thats us heading to play cricket in the horse grounds

 photo _MG_1616_zpsc678f801.jpg

And yes, there was horse riding too!! We really enjoyed this a lot and didn't want it to end!

 photo _MG_1746_zps607827e7.jpg


 photo _MG_1764_zps4d4b5140.jpg

We have serious discussions too!

 photo _MG_1880_zps6171d258.jpg

Excited to go on a small trek around the property

 photo _MG_1890_zps17f2b7e1.jpg

Crossed small water streams

 photo _MG_1900_zpsb17c2e79.jpg

Thrilled to get across first!

 photo _MG_1906_zps6586f967.jpg

Trying to make the stones hop

 photo _MG_1936_zps5da63bfb.jpg

Enjoying the morning Bournvita :)

 photo _MG_1977_zps4204ec2e.jpg

Early morning trek into the hills

 photo _MG_1986_zps7aa8b868.jpg

Serious discussion again!

 photo _MG_1992_zps6eed8df9.jpg

Trying our hands at rock climbing

 photo _MG_2026_zpsd2b309d3.jpg

Yes, thats me!!

 photo _MG_2032_zps55a35d6c.jpg

And we did some monkey crawling too!!

 photo _MG_2076_zps36e3f72e.jpg

Stopped midway to check out the fish

 photo _MG_2081_zpsf4bc881a.jpg

Trying to make fire by rubbing stones!! Had lots of fun games around the campfire

 photo _MG_2113_zpsee0e8a2c.jpg

We also managed to catch a movie, play badminton, monopoly and lots of other games. It was a perfect summer holiday!! :)

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