May 21, 2013

Back to School

Well, the holidays are coming to a close - almost - and it's time to start preps to get back to school. A new year, a new beginning. Summer holidays have been awesome - both for the brat and me. For the Brat because he has been super busy playing all the time - morn till night - with friends, without friends - and has gone to bed everyday feeling happy and super tired. Me because it wasn't as stressful, worrisome or hectic as I imagined it would be before the holidays began - in fact, the holidays have just flown by with me not having to do much at all to take care of the Brat or keep him busy.

The kid has been so active this holidays that I am beginning to worry how he will get back to school - sit in the same place for hours together and get himself to focus and listen to what is being taught. I can imagine him being in class and day dreaming away already - imagining himself hitting a six out of the school grounds!!!

So we slowly being prepping to get back to school - bought the uniforms yesterday and was secretly pleased that kid had outgrown the sizes he had worn last year. As usual, he had a great time trying out each and every piece of clothing and also filling the form himself with the size and quantity to be ordered.

You can see the fun he was having in the dressing room :)

 photo photo29_zpsa34bf0e5.jpg

 photo photo27_zpsbdaa9973.jpg

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