September 22, 2012


Were the funnest days of our childhood. The school holiday, the family get-together (our entire family of aunts, uncles, cousins would celebrate together in our grandmom's house), singing bhajans with our grandmom and the rest of the family, the special food that is made for each festival, watching "vesha's, visiting the Naga bana and Ganesh pandals, bursting firecrackers on Diwali, enjoying Biryani on Id, christmas cakes and decorating the christmas tree, etc, etc - all made festivals very very special and occasions to look forward to.

With the times having changed so much and a lot of family members living in far locations, I don 't think Adi will ever get to celebrate a festival like we used to. Last year I tried to go back to Malpe for a few festivals so that Adi will get to experience it in a small way. However this year, we were kind of stuck in Bangalore due to some 'well-timed' events or assessments at school. So we tried to do our best in Bangalore itself - although it was nothing compared to what it is like back home. We visited the Krishna temple on Janmastami, cooked mutton biryani on Id, read a story about Mahabali on Onam, and visited a Ganesh pandal on Ganesh Chaturthi. So far I have not ventured into cooking a full fledged festival meal - maybe from next year.

Some pics from our temple visits - all the pics in the Ganesh pandal (except the ones of him) have been taken by Adi with his camera. He specifically asked for it and wanted to take it along!!

These one's are at Chinmaya Mission Krishna Temple on Janmastami.

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