November 10, 2011

Stuffed Toy No 1 - Batty

Adi has exactly five stuffed toys and he is extremely fond of all of them. All of them are mostly on his bed, sleeping along with him and not a day goes by without him playing with one of them or talking to them. They all have names given by Adi and also a story behind how they came to be with him.

The most favorite one has to be Batty! This one is an 'almost' constant companion of the Brat and I guess my bag his second home! Adi has long dialogues with Batty (often reminding me of Calvin & Hobbes!) and is always playing imaginary games with him. Adi often tucks in Batty along with him when he sleeps and even gives him a good night kiss :) 

Batty has been with Adi since Dec 2010. Adi first met him at his St Matthews school XMas fair (in Ipswich). The fair had lots of games going on and there was one where you had to pay 50p and pick 3 pieces of paper from a bowl. If any of the paper had the lucky letter written on it, you could choose any of the toys on display. Adi won the game and of all the toys that were on display, he chose Batty :) At that moment, I did think 'Why a Bat?!!' but then realized that Batty is actually quite nice and had leather wings that wrap around him. Adi absolutely adores Batty and I guess he will be around with us for a long, long time.

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Aparna said...

First time I've heard of a favourite stuffed toy being a bat - but very cute for sure :)