June 12, 2013


we did, last Sunday! Adi loves adventure sports and we try and get him to try different kind of sports whenever possible. Last Sunday, we were planning to go karting but then changed plan last minute and ended up at Play on Sarjapur Road. We've been here a few times during the last year and although the place is not fully open, there are lots of activities that are functional. Adi had tried archery, shooting, skateboarding, rock climbing during previous visits however was always disappointed that the dirt biking track was not ready. So we decided to check this time and much to the kids delight, it was very much operational and also had a kids track with a 50cc quad bike!!

No time was wasted in getting on the bike and checking the controls!

 photo IMG_4293_zpsdcaac943.jpg

Happiness overload!

 photo IMG_4294_zps3c23b0f8.jpg

Checking out the 200cc quad bike

 photo IMG_4303_zpscdae5d39.jpg

And we want to ride one with a supervisor!

 photo IMG_4305_zpsbcc963dc.jpg

Dirt biking!!

 photo IMG_4307_zps7bf77d16.jpg

More happiness :)

 photo IMG_4314_zps61d09619.jpg

Ziplining in tandem with Papa (first time!!)

 photo IMG_4321_zps523dab2a.jpg

Off we go

 photo IMG_4323_zps4915b0d8.jpg

Kid just had one word to say - awesome!! Followed by another try :)

 photo IMG_4324_zpsfc7f770c.jpg

Rock climbing - made it to the top with a lil "pull" by the attendent ;)

 photo IMG_4327_zpsdf7474e7.jpg

Skateboarding - ya, ya we are good at this too, just not enough practice time to become an expert!

 photo IMG_4333_zps809764b7.jpg

Shooting - competing with Papa to hit the bulls eye

 photo IMG_4337_zpse588b419.jpg

A very PLAYful day for the Brat!!

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Simran said...

Super!! Let's do it again some time, looking forward to see it all ready :)