December 04, 2012

Things I Want To Do

Now that I got the top 10 Mommy Moments done, here is a list of things that I would like to do with Adi or for him know and understand as he is growing up. Again in no particular order.

1. Share his first cigarette - yes, when he is old enough, I am going to give him a cigarette myself, make him try it, explain what harm it can do and why it's not good to smoke. I am thinking maybe around 4th std coz when I was in 5th I knew of a few boys my age who smoked and I experimented with smoking when I was in 4th! But who knows, with kids these days, it could be earlier.

2. Watch the Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, The GodFather movie series back to back with popcorn and if he is old enough, a drink!

3. Answer all his questions as truthfully as I can even if it is not age appropriate - so far I have answered questions on how a baby comes out of the mother, marriage (have given him options of being with someone he loves with or without marriage), kissing on the lips!!

4. Make him understand that kindness is important and also it is more important to give than receive

5. Do one of those overnight camping rock concert events

6. To teach him to live life fully, be passionate about whatever he wants to pursue and to dream big

7. Let him know that he should never, never, never lie to me - no matter what it is that he has done - I am still working on this one

8. Help him to never let go of his imagination as he grows up. I believe in all his stories, even when he comes home and tells me that he stepped on a tornado or that he runs so fast that no one can see him!

9. Let him develop his own personality and not make him like me or his Dad

10. Make him understand the importance of friendship - good friends are a life long treasure

11. Let him teach me things I do not know - starting with Hindi :))

12. To be positive, be happy and take life as it comes

13. To love freely and deeply

14. To develop a love for reading - don't think this one is to be and I am willing to let go

15. Make him understand that I will always be there for him, forever and ever and that he will be always be my baby :)

16. Teach him to respect his elders at all times

17. Pass on the love for travel,  to learn from each culture, to embrace the differences

18. To give him as much exposure as possible, encourage him to be independent and make his own choices and decisions

Will keep updating this list as time goes by :))


Archana Doshi said...

I will keep coming back to this list. I think its important we keep a list like this that acts as a reminder of the parent we want to be or are. I have the very same thoughts as you do, but at times I dont react well to situations. Now blogging time about this.

poornima said...

Yes Arch...we do need reminding!! I should remind myself to revisit this list if only to read it :)