March 06, 2012

My Poor Baby

is down with high fever today :( When he woke up in the morning, his body seemed just a wee bit warm. Thought I would send him to school after giving him the usual dose of crocin - after all school is just for 4 hours.  He asked me a couple of times if he had fever but I told him he didn't - just so that he wouldn't use it as an excuse to skip school and also I felt he was OK enough to go. But then he looked at me with his puppy eyes and told me 'Mama, I am not feeling well, I don't want to go to school'. That was it - it melted my heart - and he got his day off in a second. However, after a couple of hours, the fever was blazing and my poor baby really wasn't feeling well. He was telling me the truth after all. I was so glad that I listened to him and didn't shoo him off to school - I would have surely regretted it. It seems like he has a viral fever and here he is fast asleep with his teddy bear. Get well soon, my Son!! Love you lots and lots and lots!

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